Enhancing Employability through Digital Literacy Project

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Following Moira and Anthony’s recent book Digital Literacy for Primary Teachers, the authors have commenced an 18-month project to explore the relationship between employability and digital literacy from multiple perspectives.

This page will provide an overview of the project’s four stages and outline progress so far.

We will also focus on how we will use these insights to improve the experience of trainee and experienced teachers with whom we work. In particular we will report on phase 1 in which we re-examined the drivers including the Computing National Curriculum Programmes of Study (DfE 2014); the Higher Education Review Group Themes for 2015-2016 (QAA) and institutional measures to embed student digital literacy development opportunities within courses.

We will then match particular elements of our previous work using a simple model of values, dispositions and capabilities to underline the limitations of viewing digital literacy as a narrow set of skills to be attained.

We will exemplify the model with an employability focus which includes scrutinising elements implied (or not) in the Teachers’ Standards, inspection guidance, graduate attributes and popular digital literacy models from the UK and global context related to ‘the key tools a 21st century teacher needs’.

This is very much an open and practice-based project and we welcome collaborators- leave a comment and we will get in touch.

Currently our 18 month plan looks like this: Enhancing employability through digital literacy.

  • Moira and Anthony have had their paper ‘Digital literacy, employability and graduate attributes for primary trainee teachers’ accepted for the Digital Pedagogies Conference 2015 at Doncaster College University Centre organised by Centre for Digital Pedagogies on 3rd July 2015.
  • Moira and Anthony have also had their paper ‘Enhancing employability through digital literacy’ accepted at the 29th International ITTE Conference , London Saturday 4th July. Our slides are available here

Several HEIs have explicitly referred to Digital Literacy in terms of graduate attributes. A recently posted the links to Oxford Brookes, Leeds Metropolitan and Deakin University on a blog entry

We have a SAP project supporting this work in 2015-2016

I found this presentation by Doug Belshaw that helps to explain how Open Badges can support Digital Literacy development in relation to employability.


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