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September 2015 sees the launch of our newly formed IoE TEL Team! The goal is to create a working group where academics, ASU colleagues, students and service representative collaborate to enrich the digital experiences our of community. We have a diverse range of exciting projects across the IoE and we will develop these pages to keep you all up to date and invite you to join us in embracing the UW TEL Strategy 2015-2019.

Moira Savage  leads on the IoE TEL strategy, continues to represent the Primary Centre and has convened the IoE TEL group to ensure broad representation. Moira also sits on the UW TEL Working group for IoE, is a member of the UW Developing Staff Digital Literacy sub-group and chairs the UW Developing Student Digital Literacy Group. To ensure TEL is considered in as many contexts as possible Moira attends IoE Course Leader Forums, LTSEC and IQC. When appropriate Moira reports to IMT and IoE Learning and Teaching Leads on behalf of the group. Moira has been awarded UW Research and Project Leave this academic year to explore and establish a university-wide Student Digital Ambassador scheme- updates to follow!

  • The Primary Centre TEL Project page can be located here

Please feel free to contact me via


Twitter: @moira_savage

Michelle Rogers  is the TEL lead for the Centre for Early Childhood.

  • The Centre for Early Childhood TEL Project page can be located here

David Hunt is the TEL lead for the Centre for Secondary and post-compulsory education.

  • The Secondary & PC Centre TEL Project page can be located here

Gareth Dart is the TEL lead for the Centre for Education Studies and Inclusion.

  • The Centre for Education Studies & Inclusion TEL Project page can be located here

We are delighted to have 3 TEL leads within IoE ASU:

Helen BayfieldJenny Lewis & Carol West

  • The ASU TEL Project page can be located here

Jennifer Dumbleton and Sarah Purcell are both key members of our group.

Dave Wager joins us from LTTU.

We are currently recruiting the most important members- students! Please get in touch if you are interested or know someone who might be.

Other news: 

There is a page directly relating to a specific project on Enhancing Employability through Digital Literacy that Moira Savage & Dr Anthony Barnett are working on.

In particular there is a lot of discussion at the moment about e-assessment and I have uploaded a few documents which you might find helpful on the e-assessment page.


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