Links to Dr Doug Belshaw’s keynote

To follow up from the IoE TEL SDD, here are the links to the keynote and free book offer.


Marie Stowell also circulated these links that you might like to explore:

Making Student Engagement a Reality: Turning Theory into Practice

Learning design has greatest impact on student satisfaction


First edition of New Perspectives- NQT Cath Mijovic

In this first edition we have four papers written by newly qualified teachers.

Cath Mijovic is currently teaching science in a Worcestershire middle school. She is an ex-international athlete and reports on a small scale study she undertook last year, looking at children’s fitness. Cath was interested to find out if teaching the children the benefits of exercise through role play, would have any effect on their activity levels.

Children’s activity level study CM

Sharing new perspectives from emergent researchers

Note from the Editor

This on-line space aims to act as a platform for new researchers to present their research. The emphasis is on teaching and learning strategies which can be used to inform future practice. The short papers detail the outcomes of small scale projects, which are often the practitioner’s first forays into classroom based research.

It is hoped that experienced researchers and teachers will be interested to support these emergent perspectives and comment on the papers.

Contributions to the journal are encouraged from any member of staff who would like to showcase their student’s work. The articles need to be approximately 3000 words in length and correspond to a project that has received ethical approval.

Dr Karen Blackmore