Using Aspire to order books

Are you thinking about next year’s reading list yet, or have you just spotted a few things you might like to add? Use Aspire to order them now so they books can be waiting when students return in the new academic year. Reading lists are often the first place students look when starting an assignment, so having up to date material on the list is essential. Here’s how to order with Aspire:

  • Bookmark to your Resource List as normal — you can bookmark new books while browsing the publisher’s website, Amazon, Waterstone’s, or any other website. We’ve made a short video on how to do it, and instructions are also available on our website.
  • Make sure you’ve added a Library Note asking us to order it.
  • Request review from the review menu. If you’re ordering lots of books, you may want to add them all before doing this step.
  • Don’t forget to Publish your list so students can see it!

You’ll be contacted by Library Services shortly after to confirm that the order has been received, and the book will link up with Library Search as soon as it arrives.

If you’d like any support with ordering books, please contact or


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