Countdown to the Technology Enhanced Learning IoE Staff Development Day: 4 Days to go!

Dear colleagues,

Today I would like to tell you about the planned TEL Market in morning of our staff development day. Colleagues, from within and beyond IoE, are ready to share with (and inspire) you projects/interests with have a TEL dimension. Between 10.50 and 12.15 you will have the opportunity to informally browse their TEL stalls (11 in total); ask questions, try things out, hear something new etc.

It’s not too late if you would like to join a stand- just let me know and I will find you a spot!

Although there is not a goody bag as such, when you visit Charli Pocock from you will get a free trial!

Currently, IHCA and WBS have an account for staff and students so it will be really interesting to hear later on whether you think this would be helpful in terms of developing your own digital literacy? The University of Southampton have a site-wide/single log-in if you would like to explore further .

10.50 am


TEL Market Stalls
Stand 10 in CC 007

a.Reference Management Software/ Bibliographic databases:

Sarah Purcell &

Linzi Mckerr

b.Janet Harvell- Personal Academic Tutor online workbook (Flexible & Distributed Learning)

Stand 11 in CC 008

a.The cloud- file sharing, presenting and working collaboratively

David Hunt

& Isabelle Schafer (recruitment activities via VOIP)

& Judy Miller (iMovie)

b.Lynda Scott: overview of STEM activities

Stand  1 in CC004

Apps for learning at UW


LTTU blog

LTTU: Libby Symonds, Pete Thornton & Dave Wager

Stand  2 in CC004

Joining in The Learning Conversation– (IoE LTSEsc)

Dr Karen Blackmore & Karen Bubb

Stand  3 in CC004

a.Classrooms of the future: an aspirational conversation

Vicki Lancey, Chris Garrett & Owen Parry

b.Ellie Hill & SAP project students Sarah, Jessica & Alice: Research on TEL in lectures


c. Kerry Whitehouse: Technology enhanced learning in PE; a project to enhance the course experience.

Stand  4 in CC004

Using web services to explore values: e.g.

Prof David Seedhouse- Values Exchange

Branwen Bingle- ‘British values’ or ‘values’ in ITE

Stand 9 in CC004 &

Box of Broadcasts

Allie Taylor

Charli Pocock- UW account manager from

Stand  5 in CC004

a.Digital Literacy & employability

Dr Anthony Barnett

b.Digital safeguarding- the CEOP Ambassadors

Dr Pinky Jain & Andy Plant-

Stand  6 in CC004

Social Media for L&T:



Sharon Smith

Rebecca Foster ISES

Padlet- Suzanne Lawson

Stand  7  in CC004

Easy Admin:

Google Forms– Sharon Jeynes-confirmed

Eventbrite– Jeanette Craddock- confirmed

WordPress– Sue Scott- confirmed

Stand  8 in CC004

Using Google apps to enhance learning

Dr Helen Mongan Rallis, (University of Minnesota Duluth a virtual guest lecturer experience) and Dr Seán Bracken

P.S. Don’t forget to sign up for your workshop




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