Primary Centre TEL projects 2015-2016: Collaborative Pinterest boards

Several individuals and subject teams in the Centre for Primary Education recently expressed an interest in setting up collaborative subject Pinterest boards as their TEL project this year.

Sue Scott has kindly taken this forward for Primary Computing and we have set up some collaborative boards- see for examples. We have also embedded these within our ICT Support website to collate them in one place for students. Our next step is to invite students to be part of the co-construction process- update to follow on that part.

Sue and I are now ready to start working with you on creating any subject Pinterest boards you would like to collaboratively create with your subject teams and students on our courses. If you would like join in this TEL initiative here is what you need to do:

  1. Decide on the title(s) for your Pinterest boards e.g.: Primary Computing: coding etc. or Primary PE: gymnastics etc. When you have a list of titles for boards email them directly to Sue.
  2. Decide which subject colleagues you would like to collaborate with and email Sue their names.
  3. Next Sue will create the boards in Pinterest and use your university email address to invite you to collaborate. This will keep everything separate from any personal Pinterest accounts you may have. You will need to login to/register with Pinterest using you university email address and accept Sue’s invitation in the alerts. These boards will then appear in your area and you can start pinning to them.
  4. Sue will then create you a subject page on our WordPress site and embed your Pinterest boards so they are visible.
  • I am currently working with Sue to find a time efficient manner to invite students as collaborators. We will do this for you.

If none of the above makes any sense but you would like to get involved please do ask!

Not sure what Pinterest is


Moira & Sue


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