IT in Teacher Education Research Fellowship Programme- invitation to apply for a Research Fellowship

The University of Worcester is an institutional member of ITTE (the Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education).


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ITTE Fellowships worth up to £1000 are available to support a Research Fellow to lead a team in the review and synthesis of existing research on a topic of interest within the field of digital technologies in educational settings. Projects should support ITTE’s main aim which is to enhance the use of digital technology in all phases of education through effective teacher education and training and across the range of any UK curriculum.

Applications for a Research Fellowship are welcomed from ITTE members who are Teacher Educators or Researchers in Higher Education or any related teacher training provider, including  staff in Teaching Schools (Alliances, School Direct, Teach First, Strategic Partnerships etc.).

An application must include at least one team member in addition to the Research Fellow.

To Apply for a Fellowship please complete this application form.

Closing date Friday 25th September 2015

For the 18 month period of the award, the Research Fellow will be entitled to use the title ‘ITTE Research Fellow in <the topic>‘ and use the special ITTE logo. If team members are involved (who are not required to be ITTE members) they will be entitled to use the title ‘ITTE Educational Researcher‘ and use the appropriate special ITTE logo.

Project teams will be supported by a dedicated online collaboration workspace provided by Knowledge Hub.

The final outcomes of the Fellowship to be completed within 18 months are expected to be:

  • a research review to be submitted for publication as an academic article in the Association’s journal Technology, Pedagogy and Education;
  • a summary of the findings of the review published as a MESHGuide and written in a form accessible to practitioners;
  • a presentation about the project at an ITTE annual conference in the year of completion.

The outcome of the Phase 1 application round will be announced in October 2015.

To find out more please visit:


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