“The Impact of a School Cluster Model upon the outcomes for Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Trainee Teachers” (Area 5) Poster

Joy Carroll (IoE)

Within the Institute of Education, Primary Centre PGCE trainees are either placed in a school cluster or within schools who are not part of a cluster, for three school experiences over the course of a year. This research examined whether the setting, cluster or non-school cluster made any difference to the outcomes of progress for trainee PGCE teachers. It explored some of the challenges and opportunities for collaborative practice as teacher educators within the university and schools and considered whether the model could be used more widely to support trainees. It considers if there any differences in the trajectory of grades for trainees in a school cluster compared to those not in a school cluster based on their entry grade and exit grade and discusses what was happening in the different settings for different groups of trainees. Using a positivist paradigm, quantitative methods provided an appropriate means for exploring trends and the value of p values is explained. Three observed trends are discussed, identified as trainees who were graded outstanding, the impact of cluster schools and trainees who failed their practice and the number of trainees who achieve a good (grade 2) on the final practice.


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