“Partnerships between University of Worcester and Snozelen Centre in only 159 steps.” (Snoezelen centre is 159 steps from University of Worcester campus) (Area 5)

Rebecca Foster, Chloe French and Lauren Goater (ISES)

This project was twofold. One aspect was to employ two University Students (US) to work alongside established staff at a weekend run Sports Club at the Snoezelen Centre, a charity that supports people with profound and multiple difficulties. The students fully immersed themselves in the running of the club and supported the staff with the clients either individually, in small groups or by leading activities. The second aspect of the project was for the students to gather research, the areas were (i) what are the views of the participants who attend the Snoezelen Sports Club, based on their enjoyment, wellbeing and engagement whilst at the club? (ii) what are the views of the current Snoezelen Sports Club about the perceived benefits and challenges of the club in relation to the participants? (iii) what are the perceived benefits and challenges for University students to be involved with the Snoezelen Sports Club? This information was gathered over six months via interviews, drawings and facial expressions. The results proved to be highly supportive of the Sports Club by empowering people to meet through sport in a social setting. The staff were fully aware of the benefits the clients celebrated, improved confidence and independence. The students gained hands-on experience in delivering to all clients and recognised an individual approach was more favourable in the learning environment.


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