“Increasing Student Engagement with Library Services” (Area 6)

Dr Sarah Pittaway and Shelley Probert, Academic Services

Traditional models of student engagement focus on engaging students with their learning, to become independent researchers. Library services have long sought to work with academics to engage with learners in this way. However, we are now also embarking on a new age of student engagement, in which we engage with students as partners and change agents, actively involved in the evaluation, development and delivery of library services. A new post, Student Engagement Co-ordinator, has been created with a remit to talk to students and get their feedback, challenging them on how we might deliver on their expectations, and taking ownership of exciting new projects. It is anticipated that this kind of student engagement will impact positively on the learning community more broadly. The students we engage with directly will see immediate benefits (e.g. small physical incentives in the form of pens, coffee vouchers; project experience; material for the Worcester Award), whilst their contributions and feedback will help us deliver a better service to the wider student body and create better dialogue with our student population. This paper will cover how this role has start to change our relationship with students and encourage colleagues to get involved with engaging with students in this way.


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