“Freebies for NQTs – what we need to know: An evaluation of ‘free’ commercial resources that could be used in a Primary Teacher’s NQT year” (Area 5)

Sue Irving and Isobel McLaughlin (IoE)

Interest for this project arose at the first UG3 StARs meeting in October 2014. As early career teachers and in a time of austerity, NQTs may be increasingly exposed to the business aspects of education and attractive offers of ‘free’ resources from commercial, non-educational companies. The aim of this SAP project is to provide primary NQTs with critically evaluative tools, in order to make informed decisions about the ‘free’ commercial resources they may wish to use when teaching. Being able to make informed choices about the resources used and how to use them will have a positive impact on   the children being taught by trainees/NQTs, in that any use of free commercial resources will be mediated by enhanced professional judgement. Developing   evaluative skills will enhance the employability of UG3 trainees and their skills. This may contribute to their career development, such as subject co-ordinators, thus making a positive contribution to the UW NQT community and their schools.   Whilst UW tutors consistently provide potentially suitable professional resources for the UG3 primary trainees, an important aspect of the project is that the UG3 trainee partner researched and discovered these, because ownership and relevance to UG3s/NQTs is a paramount principle of the project.


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