“Audit of team working practice within WBS” (Area 5 &7)

Sue Barnes, John Gardener, Molly Hughes & Freya Ceen (WBS)

The overarching aim of the Student Academic Partners (SAP) Project Scheme is to integrate students into University communities which actively support student learning.  A planned audit of current team working practices was considered to be a suitable vehicle for such a partnership. The notion of team working is highly prized by employers.  University tutors increasingly utilise strategies to enhance team working experience and practice.  Such skills are important in a curriculum which places an emphasis on enhancing employability and engagement skills.  Whilst not all students see the benefit, prospective employers are keen to recruit those with a high level of such skills.  Employability skills in general are now routinely embedding in modules.  While the audit is still in progress it is apparent some subjects lend themselves more clearly to team working activities than others.  Initial findings suggest that team working forms a part of approximately one third of modules and is focussed in semester A.  Theory and practice are evident and for assessments, initial findings suggest that team presentations and team reports are the most prevalent. This presentation will present the results of the final audit, give suggestions for future practice, and allow the student partners to reflect on participation in the SAP Scheme.


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