“A study of the joint honours provision for Archaeology and Heritage Studies” (Area 7)

Caroline Rosen and Dr Jodie Lewis (ISE)

Archaeology and Heritage Studies (A&HS) can currently be studied joint with five other subject areas – Environmental Science, Geography, History, Fine Art Practice and Art and Design. However, the take-up of these combinations is rather unevenly dispersed both across subject areas as well as from year to year. This research aims to investigate the current provision for the joint honours programme, specifically assessing the experience of joint honours students, the modules currently available to them and whether they feel the joint honours programme is meeting their needs. Opinion was gathered from both current students and recent graduates through a questionnaire which addressed the three areas of interest mentioned above. In addition, final year single honours students from the five aforementioned subject areas were also asked to complete a questionnaire. The aim of this component of the project looked to understand whether students were aware of the joint honours option, whilst also being asked which modules they may have found beneficial to enhance employability/knowledge of their chosen subject area. Ultimately, this research aims to make a contribution to the future development of the joint honours provision for A&HS.


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