“Working collaboratively to develop a strategy for marketing early childhood programmes at the University of Worcester” (Area 3)

Angela Hodgkins, Abbie Phillips, Stacey Hodgkins & Niki Terrell (IoE)

The aim of the project was to develop a strategy to improve recruitment to the University of Worcester’s Centre for Early Childhood (CEC) programmes. Evaluations following a “widening participation” event last year indicated that what potential applicants valued, more than anything else, was listening to current students. For this reason, we aimed to develop a presentation which gave current students the opportunity to present CEC from their perspective. The key source of data collection was a questionnaire developed by student ambassadors. This was to be completed by current CEC students, with the purpose of identifying “what they would have liked to have known at the application stage”. Following this data collection, themes were identified and the student ambassadors decided to produce a “photo journey”, to be presented at open days, applicant days and college / school visits, to sit alongside the current CE staff presentation of course specific information. The completed presentation provides an interesting student-centred view of what is important to them when choosing a University and programme of study


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