“Why POP is good for you…?” (Area 5)

Alison Reeves, Diane Noble, Fae Armstrong (IHCA)

The 2014 University of Worcester Student Survey showed students indicated they did not feel they had sufficient or appropriate opportunities to discuss career plans. In response, a Students as Academic Partners (SAP) Project organised a Passing on Passion (POP) Talk event for Worcester Week 3 (29th January 2015) and created associated careers resource materials. The format of the event was based loosely on the TED Talks model, and five speakers talked passionately for 15 minutes each about their diverse careers. The aim was to enhance students’ understanding of the transferability of skills developed in Humanities and Creative Arts subject areas. The talks established a forum for discussion and networking, as well as introducing students to career possibilities not necessarily directly related to their degree subject area. An online documentary (based on a film version of the event) along with a resource pack (based on a case study of the career paths of the speakers from degree level to their current job) was created to allow others to benefit from this event. Through interviewing students at the event, we were able to evidence the benefit they gained from attending and the reassurance they found witnessing other employment scenarios.


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