“What do students gain when they go that ‘extra mile’?” (Area 5) Poster

Rebecca Foster, Chloe French, Lauren Goater, Natalie Hobbins, Christopher Price (ISES)

When provided with additional opportunities outside of lecture time what value does it hold to participating students? Two unique Sustainability Projects were designed to attract four University of Worcester (UW) students into paid part time employment. The first employment experience was with the Snoezelen Sports Crew. Two UW students had to attend bi-monthly sports activities where they supported, led and created interactive lessons for Snoezelen clients. The second employment experience was for the remaining two UW students to attend British Sign Language Level 1 night classes and to create a social Sign Circle to attract other students and staff wishing to develop their sign skills. Both projects had a wider research remit that gained ethical clearance. Those findings will be used in a different paper. The findings from this project showed that all the students grew in confidence and were more at ease presenting to large groups. This assisted them in their presentation assessments. Two of the UW students developed creative thinking skills for activities to engage people with learning and physical impairments. All UW students felt their employability skills had been enhanced, particularly the two that attended night school and used the Sign Circle to hone their skills.


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