“The role of tablet technology in undergraduate teacher training to promote teaching and learning of pupils with SEND” (Area 3)

Alex Holloway, Andrea Holloway, Dr Colin Howard and Dr Karen Blackmore (IoE)

This small scale study seeks to examine how effectively tablet technology can be used in a focused, pedagogical manner, to enhance teaching and learning within a SEND setting. It will examine how tablet technology provides an effective tool to assist autistic children by means of improving their expressive abilities whilst supporting enhanced engagement within lessons. It will examine how tablet technology can remediate against behavioural issues within pupils who require additional support so as to enhance pupils learning. A mixed methods approach was utilised for this research involving the use of questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, alongside baseline data to answer the focus for this study. The collection of qualitative data was considered of value for the rich perspectives it offered. Data was collected from teaching staff, and children within the identified setting. The study has taken place in a school with an outstanding grading by Ofsted in 2014 and which has technology firmly embedded within its curriculum and which offers an ‘unprecedented level of innovation’. The study will show the role that high quality training and subject knowledge can play in teachers and trainee’s engagement with this new technology and how it can enhance best pedagogical practice.


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