“Technology enhanced learning in PE; a participatory action research project to enhance the course experience and future professional development of secondary physical education trainee teachers.” (Area 1)

Kerry Whitehouse, Stephanie Clark, Andy Morgan, Nicole Streather, Gemma Taylor, Andy Wilks. (ISES/IoE)

Use of technology in physical education has long been debated regarding pupil learning and active engagement (Capel and Whitehead 2010). Trainee teachers’ confidence to use technology within lessons is varied and often forms barriers to professional development (Thomas and Stratton 2006, Okposio 2011). The rapidly changing landscape of new technologies, along with the variance between school resources and support highlights the importance of technology to enhance the course experience. This participatory action research project involved five volunteer secondary PE PGCE trainees. Its aims were to evaluate the impact on pupil learning and engagement of using selected technologies, to create an e-resource. And, to gain feedback on the impact of undertaking this project, on trainee teacher development. Each participant evaluated the technologies they selected with a data capture template; an e-resource was designed which 20 PGCE PE trainees trialed and evaluated in placement schools. Participant action researchers took part in a focus group to reflect upon the impact of this project upon their own professional development. Findings indicate the technologies used had a positive impact upon pupils; promoting independent learning, developing self-esteem and enhancing pupil progress, and, improved professional development through collaboration, reflection and enhancing research skills. An e-resource has been produced to support the training of physical education teachers in future years. A copy of the resource will be available at this presentation.


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