“Take the A train: Articulation, Ambition, Application and Achievement in Collaborative Group Work Assessment” (Area 2 & 4)

Dr Sean Bracken (IoE)

Tensions between the need to focus on the value of collaborative group work and the necessity to incorporate an individualized and perhaps a normative dimension within such work are not easily resolved. In order to ensure that group work assessment items are valid and appropriate, it is important to realize that solutions will be complex and multifaceted. Working collaboratively with students at Level 4, a systems based approach to a group work presentation assessment item has been developed. It incorporates three significant dimensions, which taken together form an integrated process. In the first instance during the research phase, there is an expectation that students will provide evidence of online collaborative support. Secondly, resulting presentations must reflect inclusivity and cohesiveness. Finally, students are expected to critically reflect on their own engagement in terms of process input and presentation engagement. All three aspects contribute to individual student task assessment marks. This presentation draws on evidence from student submissions, interviews with teaching peers and a focus on student achievement to substantiate claims that this integrated approach significantly enhances student collaboration and attainment during group work presentations.


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