“Students’ perceptions of peer mentoring” (Area 2&4)

Chris Cattell, Lerverne Barber, and Nick Breeze (ISES)

Peer mentoring has been shown to be beneficial for students in higher education from a range of perspectives, including retention, developing a sense of belonging and building communication and organisational skills (Glaser, Hall and Halperin 2006). This research project builds on previous projects undertaken within ISES regarding partner colleges and the experiences of HND students. It seeks to better understand the perceptions of students who have participated in peer mentoring, a recent innovation undertaken on the HND Sport, Coaching & PE course. Last academic year, 6 out of a cohort of 30 Level 5 year students volunteered to become Student Academic Mentors (SAMs), acting in an academic mentoring capacity only. Having undertaken training, the SAMs were allocated a group of Level 4 year ‘tutees’ to mentor. Formal contact with tutees was organised to take place during each of the three Worcester Weeks. Through interviews with current SAMs and data gathered through tutee questionnaires, the main purpose of this project was to ascertain students’ perceptions of how effective the peer mentoring has been, prior to a possible recommendation of its wider adoption.


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