“New Ways of Engaging Students with Employability Opportunities” (Areas 1&2) Poster

Debbie Lambert and Cristina Florescu (Regional Engagement Manager)

‘Win-Win’ is a project that offers an online portal where external organisations can advertise voluntary work experience opportunities and placements for students. The initial aim was to test the success of different methods of promoting Win-Win through social media. However, a development with the potential to enhance the student engagement has been identified by the student partner: adding a page where students can advertise their skills and be selected by relevant organisations. The development has been implemented and promoted using Facebook as a social media platform and traditional means such as leaflets and posters. The results showed a higher level of student engagement. At the moment, the Facebook page has 84 followers, ten students have advertised their skills on the website so far and five have been targeted by external organisations. A final conclusion about the efficiency of the project cannot yet be drawn. The promotion of the project is still ongoing and we are expecting a further rise in the number of students who access the project. We are going to monitor this rise by analysing and comparing the number of hits on the website, at different stages of the project.


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