“Making online induction for online students fit for practice – considerations and dilemmas.” (Area 1 &4)

Lisa Lyness, Jakki Watkins & Michelle Rogers (IoE)

This research considers the needs of online students during their induction period. Historically induction for all students has been organised to be in a physical environment, often the learning environment in which they will become familiar over the period of their studies. The program for induction has catered for the specific needs of these students. However, in a changing landscape of learning where more students choose to participate in online programmes the need to reconsider the induction process and program has been highlighted during evaluation from students from their lived experiences (Whitehouse and McNiff, 2006). This paper will consider the work of Bem (1967, 1972) regarding Self Perception Theory and the work of Richardson and Swann (2003) in recognising the correlated data which deliberates the level of online engagement in relation to the perceived learning and satisfaction of students. Data collected from this research will propose a new design for induction programs for online students to recognise their different learning needs which are reflective of their learning environment.


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