Jo Augustus (IHS) “Can apple technology increase our appetite to practice mindfulness: using application based technologies to improve access to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)” (Area 1)

Jo Augustus (IHS)

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) is an evidence-based program, used in the treatment of different physical and mental health difficulties. As an intervention, it is designed to encourage participants to develop a greater sense of awareness and acceptance. Regular mindfulness practice encourages present moment awareness, where participants develop ways to engage with the world in a more meaningful way. Researchers are increasingly recognising MBSR as being transdiagnostic in its approach and therefore an effective treatment for common mental health problems. MBSR can be effectively delivered in a variety of different ways, including group interventions. Current research has begun to explore whether MBSR can be effectively delivered through less intensive means, including computer-based programmes. In a world with constantly emerging technologies, there remains a need to increase access to psychological therapies whilst cutting costs. This presents an opportunity to explore the use of application-based technologies, as a means to delivering meaningful therapeutic interventions. Thus, it would be great interest to establish if less intensive methods of delivering psychological therapies are effective in the treatment of common mental health problems. This paper aims to review current research to consider ways in which app technology could help or hinder regular practice.


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