“Inter-professional Learning: Student nurses’ experience of the West Midlands First Health Care Team Challenge”. (Area 3)

Susan Thomas (IHS)

Health Care Team Challenge is an educational competition in which multi-disciplinary teams of pre-registration health professional students prepare a management plan for a given patient case, present their work to an invited panel of senior clinicians and are awarded prizes for their work. Originating in Canada, such events are increasingly popular in various countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United States. A collaboration of universities within the West Midlands is planning to run a Health Care Team Challenge Event in early June 2015. This will be the first such event in England and will involve students from six different health professions and three universities. Ten student nurses have volunteered to take part in the Health Care Team Challenge (West Midlands) and will be allocated to a multi-disciplinary team by event organisers. Following a preparatory ‘meet your team’ session students will work on their presentations independently. However, they will be able to ask a limited number of questions of profession specific mentors if required. To support reflection on their team working, students ‘Get Set’, a Belbin team roles inventory designed specifically for students (Belbin Associates 2015). This will give them information about their preferred team role styles. During this presentation students will share their experiences of this inter-professional event.

Belbin Associates GetSet – Testing for Young People. Available at:


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