“Inter-professional learning: innovation in teaching and learning for pre-registration student nurses and midwives” (Areas 1 and 4)

Toni Martin & Sherri Ogston-Tuck, (IHS)

A requirement for all health care professionals is to work collaboratively in the provision of safe and effective care. Despite this students are not routinely involved in inter-professional learning, and are often taught in isolation within professional groupings. There is added value in inter-professional teaching and learning- evident from a resource that was developed by lecturers in nursing and midwifery within the University. This was piloted live on an audience of pre-registration nursing and midwifery students, as a mock fitness to practice hearing. Inter-professional group activities provided reflection, debate and discussion with students voting on sanctions and taking part in the panel summary and close. Feedback from both lecturers/participants (n=8) and students (n=31) indicated this was a highly valued experience. It is an innovative inter-professional learning resource, in pre-registration education for students in nursing and midwifery and will extend to post registration health care education.


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