“Enhancing Feedback Practices and Skills Development” (Area 2)

Lucy Cooper, Kirsty Driscoll & Dr. Nicoleta Cinpoes (IHCA)

Feedback is an integral part of the student learning experience and a process which can enhance learning and academic development. Whilst every student will receive a variety of feedback during their time at university it is, perhaps, unclear to them how to then utilise it for academic enhancement and skills development. This project aims to inform student expectations of feedback and skills development with a view to enhance their participation in the use of feedback. This paper will first address ongoing feedback practices through analysing existing literature around the topic, specifically the University’s guide for feedback on written assessments (University of Worcester 2008). Second, it will examine student opinions on the current use of feedback which will be gained through the distribution of questionnaires to level 5 English literature students. Finally, it will demonstrate the benefits of recognising skills development through students’ personal reflections on activities such as peer to peer coaching. Overall, the paper aims to highlight the link between feedback and skills development, and propose ways in which this can be embedded into the learning process for student experience and course enhancement.


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