“Encouraging International student participation in lectures, seminars and tutorials” (Area 3)

David Busby (Language Centre)

In 2013-14 International students accounted for 19% of the total student population studying in an HE setting in England (UK Council for International Student Affairs – UKCISA).For many international students, the use of English prior to arrival in the UK may have been relatively limited. English language study may have been limited to preparing students for a specific language test format (e.g. IELTS) while subject specific lectures, seminars and tutorials are very likely to have been conducted in the students’ native language. As a result studying in an HE setting in the UK may be very demanding for both the students and tutors, especially as international students can appear reticent to contribute to lectures, seminars and discussions. This presentation will highlight some basic approaches lecturers and tutors can take to help international students contribute ideas and opinions, and develop confidence using English in an academic setting.


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