“Elite athletes’ self-perceptions of their confidence and stress levels in academic/sporting performance following engagement with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)” (Area 3)

Charlotte Beaman-Evans (ISES), Dr Nick Breeze (ISES) & Dr Val Chapman (NTF), Centre for Inclusive Learning Support (CILS)

As part of their Sport Scholarship support packages, 30 students qualified for the Elite Athlete Mentor Programme which provides additional advice, guidance and support from the ISES staff. This research project aimed to investigate the specific impact which an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) intervention might have on these elite athletes in terms of enhancing their sport/academic performance and/or in helping them to cope with the demands of high level training programmes alongside their studies. EFT, a comparatively new complementary technique, is a gentle approach that can be used for a variety of issues. Users lightly tap with their fingertips on acupressure points (mainly on the head and hands) whilst voicing specific statements related to their stressors (Callahan & Trubo 2001; Craig 2011). Following completion of an online ‘stress survey’, six volunteer elite athletes were trained in the use of EFT and subsequently maintained a log of its usage in relation to addressing their study/sport-related stressors. The survey results, the logs, and the transcript from participant interviews formed the data set. The presenters will describe the survey data, the EFT training itself, the results achieved and participants’ views of the process


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