Elaine Walklet (IHS) “Using ‘clickers’ for formative assessment and feedback in first year Psychology students: an action research study” (Area: 1&2)

Elaine Walklet (IHS)

Module feedback for PSYC1430 Introduction to Psychology had previously indicated a lack of engagement in the module and dissatisfaction with support for assessment and feedback. Following consultation with students and the academic literature, a series of formative MCQs using clickers were integrated into the module. The impact of this development was evaluated using a mixed-methods online survey and comparison of module evaluation data, alongside personal reflections. Overall, the clicker MCQs were evaluated positively. Module evaluation data indicated the number of students who agreed they had received helpful feedback on their progress increased from 65% to 94%. Key themes emerging from qualitative data included ‘confirmation of knowledge and promotion of further learning’, ‘peer interaction: pros and cons’, ‘technical and practical barriers’, ‘anonymity increasing engagement’, ‘increased familiarity and confidence for assessment’ and ‘adding interest and enjoyment’. Reflections on the potential for this technology to impact positively on large group teaching will be discussed and areas for further development highlighted


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