“Arts enhanced learning: using music to motivate within Higher Education” (Area 4)

Dr Paul Golz (WBS)

For many of us, music defines key moments of our lives. We also use it to provoke an emotional response. Sporadic attempts have been made in academia to tap into the stimulating effect that music can have with generally positive outcomes. When teaching dance I have found that the “right” music can dramatically enhance both engagement and learning. But does the same happen when teaching computing? Throughout the 2014-2015 academic year I have been subjecting 2nd year programming students to an eclectic range of music styles at the start of their 9:15am lecture and monitoring which styles/tunes provoked the greatest “stimulating” effect in terms of rapid engagement with material and “enhanced” discussion. In this talk I will challenge attitudes towards music in the classroom, reveal the “top five” tunes to get your class started and hopefully make the University a much more musical place.


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