“A student-centred approach to developing resource lists and its impact on learning” (Area 4&6)

Sarah Brewster, Ellie Newman, Jennifer Dumbelton & Judith Keene (IoE & ILS)

This presentation will describe the progress to date of a SAP aimed at increasing the impact of reading lists upon learning by giving students ownership of the list content.
The library had a major drive last year to collect up to date reading lists, which were then uploaded to the new online Resource Lists system. During this process, we discovered great variation in the format and structure of lists, which led us to start discussing firstly, whether we could develop guidelines on what made a list ‘student friendly’, then whether students could help develop the lists themselves. A secondary question was whether such a list would have greater impact upon student learning. Surprisingly, given the ubiquity of lists in Higher Education, there has been little or no research done in this area. PITE students interviewed their fellow students on their current use of traditional lists within their learning, which indicated strong support for student input into reading lists. They then uploaded their own version of a reading list for a module they had taken. We will discuss the insights and conclusions gained so far and our thoughts on the possible next steps.


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