Learning Analytics

As an academic and TEL enthusiast I often reflected that many aspects of my tracking of students’ performance, and knowing when to intervene, could be supported by technology. As an ex- primary school teacher tracking grades is not new but we often rely on the old-school techniques involving local paper/excel spread sheet analysis. I have recently spent time talking to colleagues about e-assessment and that within our VLE (Blackboard Learn) there are tools that operate at assignment level that able some basic analysis of grades and performance.

Attending UCiSA’s conference last week I realised there is another whole level of learning analytics possible at an institution level. I will try and highlight a few key points but they are probably explained in a much better way via these links.

Jisc Effective Learning Analytics http://analytics.jiscinvolve.org/wp/ .

The code of practice for learning analytics gives a comprehensive overview of some of the potential data security and ethical issues http://www.jisc.ac.uk/guides/code-of-practice-for-learning-analytics .

There is a really useful overview of the HEI sector in relation to learning analytics at http://repository.jisc.ac.uk/5657/1/Learning_analytics_report.pdf

Niall Sclater, JISC Explaining Jisc’s open learning analytics architecture

Mike Day presented on implementing learning analytics at Nottingham Trent University and these three slides consider the potential from student, tutor and institution perspectives.

LA student needs LA tutor needs LA uni needs

Of course intervention and professional decisions will always be best handling by academic staff who know their students but having access to data would be incredibly useful.

LA engagement scales LA headlines LA student withdrawal LA tutor intervention

A few slides exploring some of the analysis tools available as implemented at NTU from Mike Day.

The JISC architecture was explained by Niall Sclater-

LA jisc

The commercial solution discussed referred to Solutionpath

learner analytics

Certainly an area I need to learn much more about to understand the potential.


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