Developing digital literacy- another option

In my recent paper to IMT I discussed how there needs to be a menu of options for developing staff and student digital literacy. We all learn differently and want access to development opportunities, often in a ‘on demand’ and self-paced way. I had previously had a brief look at and been quite impressed with what was on offer. By coincidence they happened to be sponsoring last weeks UCiSA Spotlight on Digital Capabilities conference.

Colleagues from a couple of universities presented on there implementation of across their institutions for staff and students with single-sign in access. For example, you can find out more at how this was done at Southampton University at .

I am particularly enthusiastic about the functionality to create playlists of courses or individual videos which can be circulated to staff by both traditional and social media systems.

The information link for Higher Ed is

What is even more exciting is that it emerges that Worcester is on it’s way to obtaining a site licence for already- so watch this space for updates!

I would love to hear more about how people have adopted this within their HEIs- please leave me a comment.


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