I was already very enthusiastic about the idea of student ambassadors for digital literacy but now…

Some of you may have read the earlier post or heard me talking about how I think recruiting a group of student ambassadors for digital literacy would make a significant impact on our progress in education with our technology enhanced learning plans. After listening to a range of speakers from other higher education institutions today, I am even more convinced that this is an essential step forward.

A very quick summary from this afternoon and a few links for you to explore further…

  1. University of Winchester colleagues presented a Student Fellows scheme where students receive a bursary to work with academics and students on a learning and teaching project with a technology component. There have been 60 this academic year working with a range of programme teams across the university. Rebecca Nice, Student Fellow & Amy Barlow, Head of TEL. http://www.winchester.ac.uk/Studyhere/ExcellenceinLearningandTeaching/student-fellows/Pages/student-fellows-scheme.aspx . Further details of their mobile devices project is available at http://www.winchester.ac.uk/Studyhere/ExcellenceinLearningandTeaching/enhancing_studen_learning/Pages/technology-enhanced-learning.aspx.
  2. University of Southampton, iChamps scheme- innovation and digital literacies champions. Currently there are 16 students who are paid for 144 hours work across the year. Tamsyn Smith & Anna Ruff. There is a great resource website about their project at http://www.diglit.soton.ac.uk/ .

A key point to reflect on if we go ahead and implement something similar within education is looking at new and existing mechanisms to recognise and reward their contribution during the process, and the end of the process and as they move from the university into employment. On both of these schemes this is payment for the work carried out by students.

Many of you will have heard me talking recently about the idea of piloting digital badges to motivate and recognise digital capability achievements. It was interesting to note that the iChamps scheme is linked to accreditation through an open digital badge which is open and exportable and offers recognition of their contribution as they move towards employment.


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