Tutor questions about e-assessment

Of course, as tutors we have lots of questions about e-assessment and how it might support our workflow to best meet the student need for fast, consistent and formative feedback. Here are my thoughts so far… Can you think of other key areas we should be thinking about- please use the comments to add thoughts. The link below shows my list so far.

Tutor questions about e-assessment


One thought on “Tutor questions about e-assessment

  1. A couple of extra questions after today’s productive CLF:

    What file types can Blackboard Learn accept beyond the inbuilt tools available for assessment? Similarly how many files can be submitted- is this limited? What controls does a tutor have in Blackboard?

    Can Blackboard grades be automatically transferred to SOLE? More importantly can the feedback be transferred automatically to SOLE? This is so important from an academic tutoring perspective.

    In Blackboard Learn is there any functionality to create ‘quick marks’ for routine and repetitive corrections/notes on scripts:, e.g. grammatical or spelling errors, lack of clarity etc…

    If tutors want to pilot e-submission via Blackboard can/will registry accept this tracking data as an alternative- we wouldn’t want students to get automatic non-submission grades or emails.

    How can the sensitive marking protocols be transferred into Blackboard?

    What provisions are there for students who have poor internet at home? (probably the same issue irrespective of system)

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