Finding the answers or more questions: e-assessment

A final post on e-assessment for today! In trying to help me work out what Blackboard could or cannot offer in terms of supporting the assessment and feedback process I am working my way through these ‘help videos & materials’. It will no doubt generate more questions.

Blackboard assignments: help materials

Creating an assignment in Blackboard: help materials

Blackboard: assignment settings help materials

Blackboard: Staged assignments or multiple attempts– help materials

Blackboard: Editing and managing assignments-help materials

Blackboard: how to use Safe Assign in Blackboard Video-tutorial

Blackboard: video tutorial for SafeAssign

Blackboard: using SafeAssign help materials

Blackboard: self-and peer-assessment help materials

Blackboard: inline marking video tutorial

Blackboard rubrics video tutorial

Blackboard: How to grade using Rubrics video tutorial

Blackboard: Grading Assignments help materials

Blackboard: Delegated grading help materials

Blackboard grade centre help materials

Blackboard: Anonymous, delegated and multiple markers– video tutorial

Blackboard: How to Download and Upload Grades from the Grade Centre video tutorial

Blackboard: customising the grade centre– instructional video

Blackboard: Smart view of the grade centre– video tutorial

Blackboard: How to Use Grade  Details to See Attempts and Assign Grades

Blackboard: downloading assignments help materials


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