A fantastic resource from a Student as Partners Project

From Branwen Bingle SAP Project Lead

In response to a presentation done by LGB charity Stonewall our Primary Initial Teacher Education trainees identified a need for more support and resources to help them create inclusive learning environments. Nationally it has been identified that tackling bullying (in particular that which is homophobic in nature), along with other issues of inclusion and diversity, is an area that trainee and newly qualified teachers feel most unsure about. One of the Personal Development questions in the student survey asks students to identify how confident they feel in tackling unfamiliar problems as a result of the course, and this webpage would support students in developing their confidence.


In order to support our trainee/NQT/RQT teachers tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying, and support a wide range of pupils (and teachers themselves) in the classroom, students have created a section on the UW website called Creating Positive Classroom Cultures http://www.worc.ac.uk/discover/education-creating-positive-classroom-cultures.html . This was part of the Students as Academic Partners initiative at UW.


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